TOTEM Association OF Educational Support Personnel, Inc., APEA/AFT


What are Employee Representatives?

Employee Representatives are trained TOTEM Members who are available to help you with job related circumstances. They can offer advice, help mediate difficult situations and represent you in disciplinary meetings. Their primary job is to ensure the TOTEM Contract is being enforced. If you have a job issue or question, please feel free to contact your employee representative.

Per Section 102 of the TOTEM Collective Bargaining Agreement:

Employee Representatives shall be allowed, upon notification made to the immediate principals/ supervisors, to represent employees in disciplinary conferences and investigate/ administer grievances during work hours. Employee Representatives shall not suffer any loss of compensation for reasonable time spent in pursuit of Employee Representatives' duties. The District may take appropriate action for excessive use of time by an Employee Representative. The Association shall have access to all employees covered by this Agreement on a not-to-interfere basis.